Music Piracy: My Side


Like many people, my sister justifies stealing music as ‘using our resources’ and ‘the artists are so rich they don’t need me to pay’.
She had asked me why the artists are still rich and I replied that they cared.
She shut up.

Really, though, the artists need us to pay for our music. We are not entitled to it.
The money goes to the artists and the record company. They then pay their employees, who use that money to feed their families.
Don’t think that you’re the only one that has to pay, cause people depend on that money to have a livelihood.

Also, paying them is rewarding them for their efforts. It takes blood, sweat, and literal tears to make it big in the mainstream or develop a cult following. All those musicians in your neighborhood? Maybe a 1:100 chance that they will even GET signed.

Now, I’m not talking about singers here, I’m talking about those instrumental musicians that play in the background for any big singers.

I’m just saying, give them the credit they deserve. If you honestly can’t pay for every individual song, go get Spotify Unlimited. That way it’s cheaper AND on the go. Or if you like to spice it up, get Pandora. It’s all in the app store, guys.


It’s a New Day for Everyone

This blog will show you the numerous opinions that I, the author, have to say about the current affairs that are happening in this world. I am very opinionated and biased, but at times I will be neutral.

My name is Sandra. I am currently a high school student, wishing to get into a major of English Literature.

You open the newspaper, you watch CNN, and that’s how you get your information about domestic and international affairs.

I hope to become one who contributes to that. This blog, a news blog really, will help me prepare myself for that.

I want a job in that area of expertise, so I am willing to devote my time to this ‘Project 25’.

Now you may be wondering why it’s called ‘Project 25’.

I’ve had numerous projects in my years of living. I’ve tried making websites using ‘Wix’, like a fansite, or a book reviewing site. Both I have since abandoned. I quickly lose my interests for many things, this happens so often that I wonder if I have ADHD.

If I could somehow dedicate myself to this ‘Project 25’, I can prove to myself that I won’t let my mind wander and lose priority on things that are important to me.

Though I am an amateur at writing (far from perfect at being a writer), I continue to develop my talents through the course of this blog.

If anyone stumbles upon this blog and wishes to follow it, thank you so much for your support. I will not disappoint.